Monday, 2 August 2010

carpet fitter

Hello and welcome to my blog about the carpet fitter. Trying to find good local carpet fitters can be a very difficult task especially when there are so many carpet companies online and on the high street, so which ones do you choose? Well unless you are lucky enough to know a good carpet fitter it can be very stressful. Most people who look for carpet or carpet fitters from the high street will pay a premium price for services because they have a retail unit to uphold and other expenses in running a carpet shop. However when you shop online for carpet or carpet fitters many companies are mobile and do not have retail premises to uphold or many overheads so they can pass on the saving s to you.
So how do you know if these companies are reputable well it is the same as getting a builder in to do some work most people will have either had them from referrals or asked for references so why not do this for carpet fitters or carpet companies if they are genuine reputable companies they will have no problems in either providing you with references of photographs of previous work or provide you with phone numbers of previous customers. A lot of carpet fitters on the internet are mobile carpet companies well what does that mean, it means that you would phone the carpet company tell them the basic details of the work to be done and a rough guide to what carpet you will be requiring the carpet fitter will book an appointment to come and see you with many carpet samples, and give you a professional quote and advice all free of charge. Nine times out of ten the quote will be cheaper than any high street quote so if you happy that you have found a good online carpet company seal the deal as you have just probably saved yourself a lot of money